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Step Change for The SME

The Shoreditch Partnership provides business support to Small and Medium sized enterprises evolving into the next phase of growth and change. With an extensive network of top professionals, the team empowers business owners through their company change by providing interim board management, specialised market specific skills, M&A services, HR performance and resolution, investment services, and via our partners’ professional advice on finance, law, and taxation.

The Shoreditch Partnership has engaged with a comprehensive list of new tech companies, Channel Management Services, Telco evolution, M2M Commercial Services, Clean Tech and Renewals Energy, new Brand Designer Wear, early and later phase investment scenarios, and more. Common to all these companies is the drive to change, the need to evolve, and the desire to become a serious name in their industry.

If you consider your next change or business to be evolutionary, revolutionary, or disruptive, then contact The Shoreditch Partnership. We can help you to get to your destination by reducing your exposure to unnecessary risk.

Transition your business from ‘start up’ to ‘growth’

The key to moving a tech venture beyond the start up phase is securing the investment necessary to fund the expansion phase.

The challenge for tech ventures is attracting and securing the right kind of investors and The Shoreditch Partnership can help with the practical guidance and expert assistance needed to meet this challenge.

The Shoreditch Partnership specialises in helping tech start ups to find the right investment partner for their business. The team offers the full set of advisors who can help with:

  • Drafting an attractive business plan
  • Protecting the legal rights and resolving legal issues
  • Managing the tax obligations
  • Finding and negotiating with investors
  • Deal management and leadership
  • Ensuring financial control throughout
Manage Multi-Vendor Relationships

From strategy to value realization, we focus on creating a robust, responsive and Integrated Service Delivery framework. Our SIAM services delivered in partnership with Empacus ( are based on process templates and value maps, derived from experience & industry best practices and are further enhanced using the 3rd eye proprietary methodology.

Description of the Business


The Shoreditch Partnership supports businesses with appropriate ‘right size’ professional services where the larger consultancy firms do not.

Our vision is that every business, no matter what the size, can get the best support and advice to successfully compete in their market place. The Shoreditch Partnership delivers that support and advice via a large network of industry experts and specialists in a dignified and professional manner.


Where Vision and Innovation Become Reality

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